Thursday, October 5, 2006

A Day Off

I am horrible at this blog thing! I think if I were more organized at home, I’d have (be able to make) the time for daily blogging.

On that note, I’m taking tomorrow off from work to clean my house. Actually, over this four-day (soccer-FREE!!!!/CCD-free!!!!) weekend, besides going to the local county fair with the DH and boys, the only thing I intend to do is bring some semblance of order to my home, or enough so that I can hire a cleaning woman to come in twice a month. I’ve had it. I can’t do it all. No one can. You cannot work a 40-hour week away from the house, be on the committees I’m on, have DH working 40+ hours a week and be on the committees he’s on, have two active kids with the activities they’re in, and be able to keep a clean house. Even my perfectionist mother couldn’t do it; she had one day off a week to clean, and she and Dad weren’t involved in all the stuff my DH and I are.

I want to meet the asshole who thinks women should be able to do it all. I want to meet the Super Mom that does it all with no help. No nanny, no housekeeper, no one doing for you. Not even the hubby lifting a finger. I see all these reports and magazine articles, and you know the one thing they all have in common? They're all about women in upper management, who can tell their employees when they'll be in, or who have someone picking the kids up and doing the laundry and making the dinners! They're never about a woman who works as an administrative assistant in some office, who has her kids in an after-school program, who rushes from work to get the kids to rush home and figure out what the hell she's making for dinner (trying to make it as nutritious and healthy, but fast) as the kids tell her what they WON'T eat. They're not about the middle class mom, who doesn't have a choice about getting off the Working-Mommy track, because DH has never had a job with affordable health benefits and you can't afford to live in your hometown nowadays unless you both work (or one of you is making six figures). End of tirade. So, my plan for tomorrow:

* Drop kids off at school
* Go shopping (a necessity, as, when I put the winter clothes away last spring, I got rid of the pilled sweaters and worn-out clothes. The saying “I have nothing to wear” is ringing loud and clear at my house!)
* Get my hair cut
* Buy more hangers for the kids’ clothes (because the 6 yo keeps breaking them pulling his clothes off the closet rod)

My plan for the rest of the weekend:
* Get control of the paper monster that is taking over
* Get the paperwork for the shredder together for Staples (because, once again I have burned out another shredder! Shredders only last six months in my house… so I’m thankful/happy/really pushing the replacement policy purchase that I get with each shredder)
* Go to the fair Sunday morning, see the barn displays, eat my caramel apple (a MUST purchase!), and go home before the crowds arrive
* Get the boys to decide what they want to be for Halloween
* Get the boys' costumes for Halloween

Enjoy your Columbus Day weekend!

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