Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer - Week 2

Hard to believe that the boys have only been out of school for a week. Four days to be exact, with today being Day 5. The color-coded chart is back on the frig, just so I have some semblance of order, just so everyone knows where everyone is supposed to be that day, and at what time, because, of course, all summer camps not being created equal, we have different start and end times for the various weeks.

On my end, I have had to cope with the return of the biotchy boss. This woman is one of those workaholic moms whose motto is "Just don't get involved" with anything in your kids’ lives (you know, the kind that move out of town after their kids graduate and no one remembers who they were). On the other hand, I am involved in my kids’ lives and our community. She’s also very narcissistic, and a number of times had made comments that I could have (and should have) grieved her over.

She took 18 months off to haul her kids to the Far East because her husband is working there. She was a basket case during the year before, when he was going back and forth; that’s what happens when you have NO support system. Relatives in the area wouldn’t help out, and she’s paranoid about hiring babysitters (she’s such a perfectionist). Now she’s back. And the husband? He's still over there. Great. If her own husband doesn't want her with him, what's that mean for the rest of us? Sorry, but what does it say about a couple when a job is more important than being together with your family? Particularly when your family could be living with you. Granted, on the other side of the world, but at least you'd all be together. Oh, and we're not talking poor working-middle-class folks here. He's making at least six figures, and she, having lost her mom the year before she left and her dad a few years before that, has inherited (with her brother) two homes and an estate worth at least a million.

Making things worse is the fact that the interim boss was the nicest guy in the world, who was very together and focused (did I mention that she is still very unfocused?!?). Let’s just say that she has very big shoes to fill, and she’s already showing signs of not having changed one bit.

So I’ve made it though the first week with her back. Just taking it day by day.

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