Friday, January 30, 2009

From the Frying Pan to the Fire

I've been involved in my kids' school PTO for 8 years now. Last year, due to DS#3's arrival, I missed 2 meetings. I did notice that things seemed to be getting funky, but thought it was just me, and besides, I couldn't say anything because I hadn't been there, right?!? Well, this year, I'm an officer, and dealing with the Queen Biotch of the PTO. This woman self-appointed herself head again, and just yips at you until you give up or give in.

Well, she's got a shock coming. We started this year by calling her on a number of expenses from last year (no recorded vote, no attendance, no minutes, no approval). I should say, I called her on it. In front of everyone. Which was met with true biotchiness from her. And an "executive session" at the following meeting because she doesn't dare have this stuff discussed in public. A meeting at which I told her she should have just put on the agenda "Chew Out ____" instead of "Discussion of Last Year's Spending".

We're now planning her upheaval. If she gracefully fades away, we're okay. If not, plans for a bloody coup are underway.

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