Thursday, February 5, 2009


I live in a state that, like every other state, is experiencing an very significant downturn in revenues. However, my particular state's officials are now putting forth ideas like going after the taxes folks don’t pay when shopping in our neighboring state. That’s right, they are going to spend who knows how much money (and create some more state jobs too – where do I sign up for that gig?!?!) to collect the taxes that I would have paid if I shopped at home. Now I know why we've been called "Taxachusetts" for so many years.

Let me get this straight - if I chose to travel to another state, in a fine example of FREE TRADE, you're going to come after the company to collect your piece of the action. Have you idiots ever heard of a thing called STATES' RIGHTS?!?! So does that mean that if I go to Disney World, you’re going to come after me for any taxes I don’t pay on my Mickey Mouse ears down there? And let’s draw this whole thing out – does that mean that, when I shop in Maine (8% sales tax) or eat out in New Hampshire (7% meals tax), Massachusetts will refund me the difference, since we’re only at 5% sales and meals tax? Thank you, guys, I'd love a refund on the 14.3% taxes I paid on that rental car in Orlando!

They’re first going after a local chain of tire stores who have stores in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Just when our state officials need companies to continue doing business here and want others to open up new companies to provide more jobs, more state revenue, etc., they’re going to go after them. Give me a break, guys. Stop trying to look like you’re concerned and actually address the issues – you need to cut back like the rest of us, instead of driving more and more folks out of here. And on top of it, stop wasting the tax dollars you've got taking this thing to court. The only ones making out on this whole issue are the politicians and the lawyers, and the regular working folks of Massachusetts are once again getting screwed.

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