Friday, March 27, 2009

Cough Cough

I don’t want to blog. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to do anything but be at home in my pajamas or other comfy clothes, lying on the couch, drinking hot tea with honey and watching endless episodes of Law & Order or the variety of court shows on. I’m sick. My head is stuffed, I have a cough, and I have no energy, probably because all I’ve had for three days has been soup, toast, and tea.

But I’m a mom, so we all know what that means. Somehow I need to pull my head together, shower, go to work for a few hours (as I have no sick days left), drive back home, picking up DS#1 and assorted teens along the way, deposit said teens wherever they need to be dropped, do a variety of errands, finish the load of laundry I re-rinsed this morning (thanks to a hidden piece of schoolwork on yellow paper that shredded itself onto all items in a dark load), prepare dinner, feed kids, do the dishes, get whoever has a practice tonight to and from it, go home, and get everyone into bed. Then I can get in my comfy clothes and lie down with a hot cup of tea. Thank goodness those endless episodes of various Law & Orders will still be on.

Whoever said a woman’s work is never done wasn’t kidding…

So, question of the day:
When you're sick, do you give yourself a break, or keep soldiering on even though you feel like garbage? What in your routine goes by the wayside, and what doesn’t?


SuperMomdel said...

Of course we have to soldier on! I took my kids to a Halloween party the day after I had a 9cm mass of goo removed from my abdomen. I was high on percocet and could hardly walk from the pain of a 4 inch incision, but did it because my husband didn't want to take them by himself. We don't get to be sick, ever. And if we are, no one cares.

Amy Holding said...

Have to keep moving. As a mom and especially as a working mom, there is not time to stop. When our kids are out of college, maybe then we can take a nap. Hope you are feeling better!