Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Putting His Man Hat On

Hubby and I finally got away for a weekend (two WHOLE nights) without the kids. Most of you understand how HUGE that is, so I won't dwell on it here. We had some (sorely needed) fun and enjoyed our alone time. And then he went and put his Man hat back on….

I took yesterday off from work, knowing I’d have a lot to catch up on at home. I also wanted to get a jump on sorting the stuff for our Columbus Day weekend yard sale; this coming weekend is already full of our all-day excursion to the local fair and kids’ games. And, knowing because Hubby would be home with the Baby, I rescheduled my teeth cleaning appointment. Thinking I'd be a nice person, I told Hubby he should drive over around 11:30 so I could take my car and Baby and he could get to work earlier than normal. I also asked him to return the jeans that he'd bought himself at Target that didn’t fit. The pair that he didn’t try on at the store and that in no way was going to fit because he hasn’t had THAT waist size in five years. I didn’t say the last sentence out loud to him, but give me a break! I don’t buy clothes two sizes too small, so why is he?!?

That’s it. Drive over, return jeans, come to the dentist’s office. Can you guess what he didn’t do?

That’s right. He didn’t return the jeans.

His reason? “He (meaning the Baby) wasn’t cooperating.”

He (meaning the Baby) is 20 months old. Short of commandeering the car, walking into the store and making the return himself, I don’t understand how the Baby wasn’t cooperating. He wasn’t screaming at the top of his lungs, he wasn’t throwing a tantrum. He was…

Sleeping. That’s what Hubby told the girls at the front desk, when he didn’t think I could hear him.

WTF?!?! What does he think I do? The Baby is carried along and naps wherever he can, thanks to having two older siblings and the family schedule we do.

And who do you think ended up returning the jeans?

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