Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Snippets of Conversation

Too much is running around my brain that I wanted to write about today, and now I’m at a loss. So this post is a memory dump, snippets from my too-full brain.

Kids talking back, ignoring their parents and their coaches, busy schedules, being the only person in a five-person household who seems to notice the milk that’s been left out or the boxers left in the hallway because, hey Mom, where else would I change into my uniform? Okay, make it four-person, because I can’t hold a toddler responsible for emptying the trash and loading the dishwasher. But give me a few months…

The recent Kanye West/Serena Williams/Rep. Joe Wilson displays of rudeness. A huge round of applause to Beyonce Knowles for inviting Taylor Swift to the VMA stage to have her moment – lady, you got class!

The PITAE (Pain-In-The-Ass Entitled) parents who pay no attention to any of the rules of the schools or teams, arriving late, parking in the pick-up lane, taking up two parking spots – what ever happened to personal responsibility? I can’t wait to see how far your apples have fallen from your trees.

The PITAE swim team administration that can’t get summer event scores entered for the second year in a row - I don’t notice a discount on my bill when my kid doesn’t get the same services as your handful of superstars.

The PITAE school administrators who don’t proof materials before sending them out. Event dates in the newsletter were “misprints”, the email list was “screwed up”, the server was down – every excuse for not doing the job. And my kid loses points if he doesn’t have a two-pocket three-pronged folder for math (even though it was in his locker, it wasn’t in hand)?!?

The liberals’ constant insistence that if you don’t support anything the current administration does, it’s automatically because you’re a racist – FYI, I ALSO have the right to draw my own conclusions and hold my own opinions, even if they don’t agree with yours. That all our politicians are wasting more time bickering and name-calling (and MONEY) than doing their damn jobs, which is representing the voters!

And yes, Little Mr. Superstar’s dad, I’m the parent who yelled at your kid last night on the football field after practice. Since you don’t seem to pay attention to much, let me clarify. I told your kid to knock it off, get his equipment, and clear the field – two players in the past week were injured to the extent they’re each out for the season. Both injuries DID NOT occur during a game or practice – they happened when players were horsing around on the sidelines. My son and I were walking to the car when your kid yelled at him to join in. When I said “no”, he came running at us full-speed – next time I’ll not only yell at him, I’ll sidestep him and throw him to the ground (moves I have thanks to my brother, who thought I would make a great tackling dummy, and the girls on my Powder Puff team).

The death of another icon from my youth, Patrick Swayze - I wanted to be Baby, twirling around in those arms. I watched his interview with Barbara Walters last night and got weepy, particularly when you heard his voice reciting his vows to his wife when they renewed them recently; their love was evident through it all.

The garden that I need to finish clearing out; most of the plants were trampled by the roofers, so I don’t have to wait for the first frost. The calendar in front of me, that is already full to Thanksgiving. I desperately need to finish decluttering my house and have a yard sale. I think I’m going to take some time off of work in order to finish that task. I know it sounds like a waste of perfectly good vacation time, but I could use a break.

Now that I look over this post, let's call it what it is - a bitch session!

Enjoy the day!

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