Thursday, October 8, 2009

TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday)

I can't wait for Friday this week. It's been one of “those” weeks, where making it to Thursday and still standing is HUGE. Did anyone else notice the full moon earlier this week? Or the effects it perhaps had on your lives? That’s the only thing I can attribute the past 72 hours to, because if it wasn’t the full moon, I’m leaving. On a jet plane. Don’t know where I’ll go. Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Seriously.

In my world, the past three days were the kind that bring moms to their knees, wondering whose friggin’ idea it was to bring these demanding people who calling you “Mom” into your world. Yeah, it was his fault. That, and that bottle of red wine. Or white. After you got a whiff of your friend’s newborn’s “new baby” smell.

Challenge #1 - The Middle Child’s asthma/allergies are in full swing. He’s got Medicine-Head and I'm talking to a space cadet most of the time. Unfinished homework that wasn’t “found” until five minutes before the bus came, a kid who can waste time away like no one’s business, chores undone, clothes left in the hallway after changing for practice. Ugh!

Challenge #2 - the Oldest is in the I-have-an-opinion-about-everything stage and he's not afraid to share. Not so bad, but the constant questioning of every request I make is. And he wants to go to the local fair with friends tomorrow night. However, these arrangements couldn’t be accomplished without drama, because 1) they all think their parents would be happy to schlep them down one by one into the Hellhole that is the fair traffic, and 2) the I-don't-know-when-I'm-going-when-do-you-want-to-go conversations. None of them would make a friggin' decision of when they wanted to go and who would get a ride with whom. So I did. I picked a time, called a few of the parents, and will be driving a full van down tomorrow night. Even better, I got my kid a ride home!

Challenge #3 - the Baby is SPOILED!!! His father and brothers have a very bad habit of always wanting to be the good guy with this child. Now he's used to getting whatever he wants when he wants it, so afternoons with me have turned into a screamfest because I'm don’t the same. He thinks the louder he screams, the faster I'll give in. He's in for a rude awakening - you're never too young to learn the way to get things in my house is NOT to behave like a brat.

Add to that:
  • a run-in with one of the orchestra teachers on the Middle Child's "Instrument Night",
  • the discussion with the Oldest's coach about ongoing issues,
  • Hubby's inability to complete simple tasks this week, like checking to make sure you have ALL the cleaning before you leave the store,
  • Hubby’s frequent excuse for not getting something done being "the Baby wouldn't cooperate" (and somehow I get things done even with Mr. Uncooperative in tow!),
  • that yard sale I SO need to have sometime soon is not happening this weekend due to family conflicts; despite many of the same conflicts, it HAS to be next weekend (weekend after is Halloween and I'm NOT waiting until November to clear out that damn garage!),
  • a few PTO-related jobs that desperately need attention, all communication/media-related, including writing the newsletter and polishing up the website.
I am fried. The moon is no longer full. Tomorrow is another day. G’night!

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