Tuesday, December 8, 2009

17 Days to Go

96 pictures to review to find THE Christmas picture

67 Christmas cards to finish and send

52 emails received today alone containing sales and coupons to be reviewed

6 boxes of books being donated to our public library that Hubby is dropping off today

5 baskets of laundry to fold tonight

3 batches of cookies to make this weekend

1 newsletter to draft and send out today

and… 17 days to Christmas!

No wonder I’m dragging today. It may also have something to do with the cookie swap I was at last night – wonderful hostess, great food, fun time, got some great new recipes but didn’t get home until midnight.

Besides last night, I hate that every year my holiday season seems to be less about enjoying the season and more about checking things off my To Do List. Cookies made? Check. Yankee Swap gift wrapped? Check. House and tree decorated? Check. The stress level in my house rises a degree or two more (or twenty), as both the Middle Child and I have birthdays during the first two weeks of December. Throw in a meeting or two and a football banquet, and I’m doing nothing but running from Point A to Point B, and snapping at everyone.

Where did the joy go? And how do you find time for yourself and still get everything done?


Stacey said...

The holidays are far too stressful. My list is a mile long and I've barely started shopping! I think it would be easier if we didn't put pressure on ourselved to do all the holiday activities like making cookies, decorating, etc.

Tricia said...

I shop on line, I stopped doing xmas cards (that was HUGE), and I buy early.....