Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend Game Plan

The roofers finished yesterday so I can go home today; the hammering was a little on the loud side (headache-inducing would be the appropriate phrase), so we’ve been hiding out at my parents’ house until the guys went home. That wasn’t much better, as the folks are having their house sanded and painted – the sounds from the sanding were like listening to the drill in a dentist’s office.
And no practice tonight for Middle Child, which will free up my afternoon. The Oldest is sitting for our friends tonight, so I’ll stay up until he’s home, giving me a nice chunk of time to get going on my “To Dos”. With the heat, staying cool to precedence over getting things done this week, so I need a little motivation. Maybe if I post it here I’ll actually get it done; knowing it’s out there in the Black Hole that is the Internet may make me get of my butt!

1. Go through kids’ clothes and make list of what we need to buy. Sneakers are already on the list, but I’m not sure what still fits due to recent growth spurts.

2. Have kids give me preferred school lunch lists. School lunch prices are going up another 50¢ to $3, so they’ll be brown-bagging it this year. Three dollars may not sound like a lot, but even Hubby was shocked when I pointed out that school lunches would run just over $1100 for the year. And since variety is needed (because how many days in a row will you eat a ham-and-cheese-on-white-bread sandwich?), each was told to come up with 10 lunch ideas so that the lunch menus can be planned along with the dinner menus (and the shopping list).

3. Fold all the clean laundry. Four baskets waiting at home. Ugh!

4. Clean the office out. Office supplies to put away in the desk, items for our anticipated yard sale to take to the garage, and all the stuff hastily emptied from my car before it died and was dragged to the dealership (still waiting for the diagnosis!). Since this is the entryway/foyer/room you see first, I really need to clean it up!

5. Return all “stuff” sitting in the office to its various owners. A friend’s towel, my girlfriend’s baking dish that she sent over filled with fish chowder (YUM!), a return to Brookstone (the turntable that would record my LPs as MP3s was a bust!).

6. Put the five bins of hand-me-down clothes back in the attic. The attic had to be emptied due to the roofing; I didn’t want to risk anything getting on or into the bins, so it’s all sitting in the upstairs hall.

7. Return all cans, bottles, and shopping bags to the grocery store. Cans and bottles are supposed to be a weekly errand, but haven’t been done for the past two weeks, and we’ve forgotten the reusable shopping bags the last two trips to the store (thanks to the broken-down car!).

8. Go see “Harry Potter 6”. Promised the two oldest we’d go, but with vacations and everything else, we haven’t had the chance until now. But since I made plans with my friend and her kids, this is one thing that will definitely get done!

9. Update my major “To Do” list. The one that has EVERYTHING on it. Most time management experts recommend NOT keeping a huge long list as it will weigh you down and defeat you, but it works for me. I’m over 40, have kids, have a husband, and all that comes with all that. I can’t remember if I brushed my teeth this morning, so to the Experts, forgive me. I have a giant list and I’m sticking with it.

10. Update the family calendar. I fell off the organizational bandwagon this summer, but didn't feel the need to write "Beach", "Pool", "Beach" on the calendar. Now that school and sports are starting, I need to know where I’m supposed to be.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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