Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Wanna Make A Bet?

The garden spray was a huge hit last night with the players, the coaches, and a lot of the parents. At one point there were so many players around, I started lining them up and waving the wand in the air. Repeat performances will continue until this weather breaks.

Our roof is being redone. It's a big expenses and we put it off as long as we could, but it's become obvious it couldn’t wait any longer - you could see where a few of the top layer of shingles ripped off during one of our winter storms. Today the dumpster gets delivered, so my driveway will be unavailable for the rest of the week, and they'll start tomorrow morning. The noise level might be a little high, so a lot of errand-running and trips to the beach are in the works.

Not a real big issue, right? Well, let's just say timing is everything, and my timing (and luck) often leaves a lot to be desired. Have you seen the weather maps, the ones with the big hurricane named Bill that’s strengthening in the Atlantic? At this point, the weather dudes think it will most likely veer away from the New England coast, maybe just brushing us. Me? No, I think it's going to surprise them and head straight for us. Why? Because my roof, if these guys really know their stuff and don’t mind the 90+ degree heat, will be done by Friday. That’s right. A brand new roof just taunting the Hurricane gods to give her a test drive.

Keep your fingers crossed that Bill doesn’t like surprises or forgets where I live…

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