Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to Spread Infectious Diseases, Courtesy of CVS

Have you seen the TV ad yet? The CVS spot, advertising their One-Minute Clinics, shows a mom taking her two little girls to a birthday party when one of them says she has a sore throat. En route, they stop at the nearest CVS clinic, where they are promptly greeted, the little girl is examined, and a prescription is handed over. Back in the car lickety-split and off to the party with no time to lose.

What idiot designed this ad campaign?!? Must have been a man, because most moms I’ve talked to had the same reaction: WTF?!?! For crying out loud, the cup of wine is finally making a comeback at Mass, but CVS is endorsing public health risks?!? Did none of your ad people see ALL those public service announcements: if you’re sick, stay the Hell home!

If it’s strep throat, the little darling is CONTAGIOUS until she’s been on the antibiotic for 24 hours. If it’s H1N1, that Tamiflu isn’t going to keep Typhoid Mary from possibly infecting the school's entire third grade population at the party. If it’s not one of those two, I can’t for the life of me think why the kid with a sore throat needs a prescription!

If your kid’s sick enough to take to a clinic, why would CVS think it's okay to still go to the party?  Or do they not have a problem with THOSE moms, the bitches who would think nothing of handing the prescription to the hostess and telling her that little Janie needs to take her first dose with food, so please make sure she has her cake and eats it too. The same bitch who regales all the other parents with the saga of how her other kid, the one playing in the other room with Tom, Dick, and Harry, spent the last three nights throwing up and having the runs, but wouldn’t have missed the party for anything.

To those moms, be a responsible parent and keep your walking Petri dish at home. To the advertising geniuses from CVS, what’s your address? I need a place to park my kids for the rest of vacation week. Don’t worry – one said his throat is only a little sore, and I'm sure the other's stomach has calmed down since last night.  Look on the bright side - he made the upchuck bowl two out of three times!


Stacey said...

Word. It's people like shown on that commercial that abuse things like giving their child Tylenol to reduce a fever and send them to daycare. Gah. Stay home!

Rachel said...

I haven't seen those ads. I would be wary of letting my child be prescribed something by the same people who sell the prescription.