Friday, April 23, 2010

Team Bethenny or Team Jill?

I haven’t posted anything new because… yeah, nothing. I changed this blog's template and then spent lots of time trying to tweak the damn thing.  Hopefully it's readable - the green Dots template was getting to me, and I've added a lot of folks to my Blog List because... I spend an inordinate amount of time reading other people's thoughts.

I also haven't posted because, well, not that I don’t have a lot to say – I always have a lot to say. But this week has kicked my drooping saggy-baggy butt. It’s School Vacation Week. ‘Nuf said. The kids have been eating nonstop, hanging out with friends, and fighting their regular bedtimes every night. I’ve had some weird virus all week that made the back of my throat feel like one huge blister. Between that and my allergies, all I wanted to do was lie down. Thanks to all that, plus the seasonal outdoor stuff that now comes into play, my To Do list is growing exponentially.

But there has been a bright spot in my week. The Girls are almost back. Yes, I will confess. I watch “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. And “New York”. I’m not a huge fan of the other two: “O.C.” or “Atlanta” (my absolute least favorite), but there’s something about the New Jersey group that I like. As for the New York crew, I like Alex and Bethenny. The rest of them could take a hike.

Why do I watch? One, TV these days is REALLY horrible. Two, like a soap opera, you can watch these shows AND do something else.  I've been trying to do tasks like folding laundry or sorting through boxes of files while these shows are on.  Three, my life, even during its worst moments, looks so friggin’ NORMAL compared to these people. It’s the same reason I watched “Sex and the City” – it reminded me that no matter how glamorous someone else’s life might look, everyone’s got issues.

So, any other closet “Real Housewives” fans out there? Which one is your favorite, and why? And if you’re a “New York” fan, are you Team Bethenny or Team Jill?

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