Friday, April 9, 2010


Yeah!  The weekend’s almost here and it’s… raining again in New England! Today I don’t mind. We have dinner plans for a friend's birthday (Hubby even took the night off for it!) and it'll be a scramble if the Middle Child has lacrosse practice.

I also don’t mind that the rain is washing the pollen away. The older I get, the worse my allergies seem to be. Anyone else having that problem?

This weekend will hopefully be quiet. It’s almost a letdown after last week’s frantic holiday preparations, and when I say frantic, I wasn’t even cooking Easter dinner – we ate at my parents’ house! I had to make a dish and a dessert, and stupidly didn’t shop ahead of time. With both Easters (regular and Eastern Orthodox, or as we call them in my hometown, Easter and Greek Easter) being the same day (they’re usually not), EVERYONE was at the store – it took me almost 90 minutes to get a few things and make it through the lines.

The frantic part was realizing at 8:00 Saturday night I didn't have what I thought I did on hand for Easter baskets, so there was a mad scramble to get to the nearest mall to pick up one or two things. We don’t do big gifts, but with the Middle Child sort of believing in the Easter Bunny and this being the first year the Baby had an inkling, we needed something.

My To Do List includes updating the family calendar now that the spring sports schedules are out.  The schools also decided this week to share the dates of end-of-year activities, concerts, and other events, and with the Oldest "graduating" middle school, there's even more "stuff".  I don't know why I'm even surprised - my kids only have TEN weeks of school left, nine if you don't count Spring Vacation Week, and every year Springtime means Busy Time.  At least Hubby's taking a week off to attend all the evening events; there's THREE in one week just for the Oldest!

What are your big plans for the weekend?

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