Monday, July 26, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Back to work today after a week of vacation “camping”. Did I get a needed break from the real world? Yes. Do I feel energized and refreshed? Sort of. Am I hobbling around with a broken toe? Yes.

Because I kicked the Middle Child in the head.

That’s sounds worse than it was. He’s fine. That nice hard Irish head of his is no worse for wear. My left foot’s middle toe, however, is not.

Thursday was hot enough to warrant a dip in the campground’s pond. Preparing to swim out to the first dock and back, I started to ease into the waist-deep water when the Middle Child and his friend thought it would be fun to try to splash me. After threatening them if they did, I kicked off the bottom. Little did I know how close the Middle Child was, or that he was going to try to swim out with me.

So he got kicked on the top of his noggin. And I felt something in my toe snap. He said he heard the “pop” underwater.  By campfire time, it was black and blue. I used the toes on either side as splints and taped the three together with large Band-Aids I’d brought.

The next morning, Hubby was worried by the color. He thought it might be dislocated and cutting off the circulation. Apparently I would go for less on the open market with only nine toes.  I reminded him of the $200 ER copay we have.  Over-the-phone diagnosing by my mother the nurse was approved at that point.  So instead I hobbled around all day, and Saturday still managed to pack everything up to head home.  

Can you guess how much help I got with unpacking?  This isn’t me, but it gives you an idea what the house looks like.

And now that I think about... rested and relaxed? Heck no! I need another week off. Alone. Got an extra room for me? And a pillow for my foot?


Two Normal Moms said...

Oh no! Amazing how much a tiny little toe can hurt! While camping can be fun, I rarely (if ever) return home rested or relaxed. It's work!


evenshine said...

HATE broken toes. I swear I've broken at least six. Nice kick!

Kami said...

I too broke my toe last week on vacation. Fell down the stairs on my way to the beach. It was day 1. But I taped it, ignored it, and even went running on it. Now it's hanging by a little thread trying to reconnect to rest of my foot. I won't give in. Ever.