Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello Again

Hello Blog. Hello friends. I’ve missed you all. I haven’t had time to post, to visit, not even a chance to comment on my fellow bloggers’ posts. Please forgive me.

I’m still getting into the swing of this new school year and all the activities the kids are in. The flu and concussion (and losing a month of my life) threw me off track more than I realized. I’m struggling to get back to level ground, and finding it an uphill, exhausting battle.

The Oldest is now in high school… and full-blown hormones. He has his first job - after school during the week. By the way, did you hear he knows EVERYTHING?!?!

The Middle Child decided to try golf lessons. And Cub Scouts. On top of football. And homework. He’s the type of kid who needs a busy schedule that keeps him out of the house; otherwise, he morphs into a couch potato. But he has something six days a week until the middle of November.

The Baby is now a toddler. The Early Intervention for speech has seemingly kicked in, and he’ll probably lose services at the end of this year. It has become apparent that, in his world, it’s all about… him, and there is no concept of waiting a turn or patience.

And I have not yet learned to say “no”, joining yet another committee as an advisor to the Oldest’s class. The house is still a mess and no one besides me seems to care. I still need a vacation. Hubby does too. The best we can do right now is some “Alone” time once in a while, even if it’s just grocery shopping together without the kids.

So what’s new with you all?

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