Monday, January 9, 2012

Wacky Weather

Dear Mother Nature,

Not sure what New England has done to tick you off, but forgive us and send winter back!  I know a lot of people around here are thrilled there's no snow to shovel, no ice to melt, and the heating bill is a little less than expected.  But for crying out loud, it was warm enough this weekend to be out in just a sweatshirt - if hardy Yankees like me wanted winters like this, we wouldn't be living here!  I mean, we were able to put up the Christmas lights in 60-degree weather in November and take them down in 50-degree weather yesterday - what's wrong with that picture?  They're supposed to be snowed in and have to wait until the April thaw to go back in their box.

My kids want to go sledding and make snowmen and have a snowball fight.  We want the Currier and Ives thing.  But please send it soon - blizzards in April don't help make up for this Unwinter.  Thanks!

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