Tuesday, January 13, 2015

So Much Has Happened... So Little Has Changed

Another school year started.
Another holiday season came and just left.

Children have grown older.

My hair is getting blonder the more white I have to try to cover.

The "baby weight" is stubbornly holding on, and I have yet to find the time in my schedule to do some serious working out to get it to budge.

I survived being a class "mother" for the Oldest's high school class and organizing all the major milestone events.  I also survived some 17- and 18-year-old girls (class officers who were definitely not "classly", or mature) who thought that I was their handmaiden and answered to them.  And my fellow class mother and I even survived one of them and her mother bullying us when we held her to her word to run a class fundraiser that she (as usual) tried to back out of at the last minute and dump on us.

I survived a season of bird watching... a.k.a. youth soccer for the Youngest.  Hopefully a lacrosse stick in his hand this spring will encourage the appearance of participation... swinging at butterflies with the stick gives the impression one is open for a pass or is defending the goal.

I survived MidKid playing high school football... and all that that entails.

I survived the Oldest leaving for college.

I survived MidKid starting high school.

I survived the Youngest starting first grade.

Apparently this year the theme is "Survival".

I am trying to care less about what others do and say, because so many do so through tinted glasses, with concern only for their child, their feelings, their beliefs.

I am trying to grow a thicker skin when those same people turn on me with pitchforks for having an opinion that doesn't agree with their's, when they speak down to anyone who fails to accept and follow their directions, when they show themselves capable of being such small-minded people.

And for the third year in a row, I managed to keep my one New Year's Resolution.
I did not run away from home.

2015 is Year Four. Keep your fingers crossed I keep it again.

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