Saturday, February 28, 2015

No More Babies In The House

I looked at my kids' faces around the dinner table last night and noticed something. I'm sure many of you can relate.

There were no more babies at our table. There are no more babies in our house.
The Oldest is at college.
The Middle Child is now shaving.
And the Youngest - he's now a little boy.
The chubby cheeks of my baby have disappeared. And the "cankles".
He's missing a tooth or two, with more ready to fall out at any moment.
It's that time in life when you put your child to bed and when he or she gets up, they look like they've grown an inch... because they have. 
He's outgrowing clothes at an alarming rate. And there's no one else in the house who's going to wear them.
Even his laugh has changed. It's no longer that great giggly belly laugh that babies have.
And I'm 99.9% okay with this stage, the stage where I don't have any more "babies" in the house.

Just keep the tissues ready for when that 00.1% comes to the surface, okay?

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Laurie said...

I feel ya! My oldest isn't quite there yet, nor my middle. They are "only" 13 an 10! In the deep throes of puberty both of them. One towers over me already and the 10yo has basically caught me (he's a very tall 10yo!!) But my baby is much like your baby - losing teeth and reading and talking like his 13yo brother. I look at them these days and wonder where the little years went when they all seemed like kids/babies/toddlers. Instead two are half grown and so mature and one yells at me when I call him my baby :)