Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Weight of Winter... Or Why I Need This Season to End

I really need Winter to end.

Eastern Massachusetts has had record-breaking snow over the past month. That I can handle. We've had six snow days in three weeks. Until last week, between the snow days and holidays and February vacation, my kids haven't had a full week of school in five weeks. Or to put it another way, since the 22rd of December, my children have had exactly three weeks of school where they actually held class all five days. Another thing I can handle.

I can handle the shoveling. The finding spots to put the snow when the banks are over my head. I can handle the ice dams and all that they entail. I can even handle, although VERY reluctantly, the cold. That sub-Arctic cold air is barely tolerable in my book. I can handle the snow and ice and snow days and ice dams and even the cold air.

I can't handle the way I tend to turn into Betty-freakin'-Crocker on the snow days. I have made more cakes and brownies and bread and cookies and cobblers than a good bakery, partially to warm up the house, and partially because it's something I feel an urge to do - make the snowbound home warm and inviting and mouth-wateringly good.

My waistline is beginning to show evidence of it. Because honestly - what goes well with a glass of milk better than a chocolate chip cookie or brownie still warm from the oven? What goes better with a nice stew or soup and salad than fresh hot rolls?

Please, Mother Nature, woman to woman - let this winter end. For my sake. You understand, right?

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