Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Like The Pros...

It’s that time of year. No, not the start of school. The start of youth sports. Yep, I bet you’ve missed the frantic schedule of practices, games, inevitable drive-through dinners-on-the-fly, and the pile of equipment strewn in the entryway!

Of course, it’s still summer, and it’s hot. Summer, it seems, finally remembered New England’s address, and it’s really, really scorchingly hot. With Middle Child starting his second week of youth football, tonight’s two-hour practice in this heat should wipe him and the rest of the kids right out.

Now for the really cool idea (no pun intended!). My darling hubby, an assistant coach this year, mentioned the sprayers that the pros have on the field and came up with a brilliant alternative. I went to K-Mart this morning and bought a 2 gallon garden sprayer. He’s going to fill it with ice water and spray the kids’ heads every time they come off the field for a water break. It should be enough to wipe the sweat off and cool them down a little.

I have a feeling Hubby will be the hero of the field tonight! If you have kids already back to practice, you may want to make the $20 investment. I’m also going to try it at the beach this week. If I leave it filled with ice in the car, by the time we get back to the car, it should be melted but still cool. Maybe if I spray the hands and feet off BEFORE they get in the car, my van will stop looking like a sandbox on wheels.

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